LED Motion Sensor UMBRELLA Light
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Motion Sensor LED UMBRELLA Light

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Motion Sensor LED UMBRELLA Light


This item is a 15 light LED PIR Sensitive Light Lamp. The light comes with two settings:

-ON setting, light stays on until turned off

-AUTOMATIC setting, light comes on only at night and only when it senses movement. PIR Infrared Light can be triggered when ambient brightness below 5LUX. Ideal way to save power. Can be used outside the podium to increase visibility or inside the podium to assist the attendants in doing their job.  30 Seconds for the delaying illuminance. Super sensitivity within 2 meter distance

-PIR Infrared Sensitive, Light control, High-Efficiency, new white/warm white Light LED technology

- Low power consumption, long operating life, energy saving

No wiring and easy mounting options

Power supply: 3 (AA) batteries (not included)